Mesa Labs a part of AAHA Member Values Program

The American Animal Hospital Association is the accrediting body for companion animal hospitals in the United States and Canada. Mesa Labs has partnered with AAHA as a provider in their Member Values Program to offer discounts on our mail-in spore testing services. For further details, please call 1-800-289-7786 or complete the form below.

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Mail-In Spore Testing Overview

Spore Testing Overview – EZTest

Sterilizer Monitoring Guidelines

  • CDC Guidelines
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Summary of Infection Prevention Practices in Dental Settings:  Basic Expectations for Safe Care and Companion Checklist is a new document (released in March 2016) that includes several new recommendations and provides an assessment checklist to evaluate staff compliance. (This summary and checklist does not replace 2003 guidelines, see pp. 14-15 for sterilizer monitoring guidelines)
  • ADA Infection Control Guidelines
    The American Dental Association is the nation’s largest dental association and is the leading source of oral health related information for dentists and their patients. The ADA is committed to its members and to the improvement of oral health for the public.

Tabletop Sterlizer

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